Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tea Party Madness with The Wonderland Band

What's happening in the garden? Pink flamingoes and a Hatter? 
I hear sounds most outrageous! What could possibly be the matter?


The most wonderful Mad Tea Party is finally at hand, 
and we are to be serenaded by a real live band!

Burt's joining in too, his musical skills are quite honed.
Which is only to be expected since he plays the trombone.
(What other instrument would a skeleton own?)

Kristin's playing the trumpet while Andy strums his guitar,
and with the Hatter on base, as a band, they'll go far.


What, no treats at the table? This is certainly a mistake.
Maybe playing a little louder is all it will take,
to produce a few sandwiches, some tea and a cake?

Then like magic it appeared, treats and three kinds of tea,
and the music making was taken over by the mosquitoes and the bees. 

The Dormouse showed up because he really likes cheese.
 Swiss, Cheddar or Gouda, he's easily pleased.

Some strawberry shortcake for a finishing treat?
Looks like cutting a slice could be quite a feat. 


Having finished their tea, it was time to be away,
Burt decided to take charge of leading the parade.  

The merry musicians are off, more places to explore.
Who knows what adventures they may have in store.

Maybe they will come back but for now it's time to hit the road.
  So here's one last hurrah because this story has been told!

Happy Mad Tea Party!

Thanks to Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist for creating and hosting this wonderful party!
Click on the link to check out all the other Mad Tea Parties.

My apologies for the lack of music. Due to technical difficulties I couldn't get it working in time for the party and then I was too dumb to realize I could just add it any time with a YouTube video! Duh!
I'm blaming the heat and humidity. Thanks for stopping in.

Monday, July 4, 2016

It's the 4th of July!

 Since we're celebrating Independence Day today it's probably safe to say that summer has finally arrived. It's been a long time coming this year, it's mostly been weeks of cold, gloomy rain occasionally punctuated by a sunny day where temperatures topped out in the mid 90ยบ. The weather's certainly been unusual lately but no matter how crazy it becomes, Burt is always ready to party.

Since it's been so rainy we haven't spent much time outdoors but now that we can REALLY be sure it's not going to rain or snow today, it's time to get out and enjoy it while it lasts. Maybe Burt won't set himself on fire while shooting off his fireworks tonight! 

It would be a shame to let the first picnic of the summer go by without some photos to reminisce about on some cold winter evening in the not too distant future. Ok, I promise to stop mentioning winter after remarking that the bench Ivy is sitting on was still buried in snow at the end of April.

You may have noticed that Burt has been absent lately from his usual duties as the Official Calamitous Botanicus Blog Clown. He has suffered a few injuries due to clumsiness on my part and consequentially he has been left without any real backbone. This doesn't mean he's incapable of putting forth his personal opinions but rather that he occasionally requires the  assistance of His Madness to stand upright. Obviously he's ok with occasionally being goosed.

Oops! Apparently he's not the only thing that has a hard time keeping upright.
This is just one of the many reasons Burt is not allowed near the grill.

Luckily most of the contents are plastic, something Burt can relate to.
Wonder what became of the pie?

Finally, with order restored, back to the business at hand . . .


Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone is having a great 4th of July!