Friday, May 31, 2024

Dracula and Decor


The 26th of May is World Wide Dracula Day so The Crew decided this was a good month to reacquaint themselves with the book. It also sounded like a good excuse to put off the garden chores.

Last fall, Ivy bought this slightly rearranged version of the book that began as a sort of internet read-along in 2021 and is still going strong today. Because Bram Stoker used personal correspondence, diaries and even newspaper articles to tell the tale, every event in the story occurs on a specified date. Matt Kirkland, a web designer, had the brilliant idea to put them all in chronological order and send them out in an email newsletter on the corresponding days. So, not only do you have the excuse of taking six months to read the book but also the fun of looking forward to the next episode. The physical copy of the book isn't really necessary unless you want it for reference or to cut down on your screen time. 


 Who can resist a new twist on an old classic?

 Of course, it'a impossible not to wonder how the story develops as it was written. There is an old, abridged paperback gathering dust somewhere in our basement, but Amazon is just too convenient. Not only did they have a fancy edition illustrated by Edward Gorey but also a Toy Theatre version of the sets he designed for the 1977 Broadway play. Since they were delivered a few days before the eclipse, it was only fitting that they should be photographed during the peak. This was as close as we got to totality. The sun was actually being projected as a crescent through our pine trees, but it looked more like bats to me. What do you think? 

The Crew is currently enjoying the book in both forms. Ivy is wondering what will happen in June. Burt chose the original version since he has no patience and will probably skip to the last chapter to see how the story ends. 

Soon after the Dracula Daily reading began, the Skeleton Crew were delighted to discover there were outdoor Halloween displays and inflatables for sale at Lowes and Home Depot. This was followed closely by some early, Halloween-ish decor at both Michael's and Joann's! Naturally, they had to check this out as soon as possible.

Calling this "Halloween-ish" is obviously a stretch. Michael's Nevermore Collection is maybe more pastel goth than anything and, like many other Halloween fans who voice their opinions on the internet, The Crew was clueless as to what it's all about. Not that everything needs to have a purpose or make sense, but what is going on with that lace over the eyes of those bubblegum blowing busts?

At least Michael's tried. You have to give them credit for bringing a little variety to a time of year that's usually dominated by overt patriotism and pool noodles. There definitely seems to be more than one theme running through this collection, in addition to the Dark Academia /Cottagecore vibes. Although, this display box would be great for anyone wanting the look of a collection without having to search for it themselves. Naturally, a couple things did to come home with us.

Down the street, at Kirklands we found this see-through, faux insect wall art. His Madness felt the need to prove it was actually transparent. 

Next, we moved onto the Eclipse Collection at Joann's. It was definitely more spooky and included a good selection of potion bottles, snakes and skulls. Lots of bling, too. Not that you can tell from this photo. The shelves weren't quite filled up so it may require another trip to see if they add more.

There were a number of pieces that lit up, a crescent moon, some purple pumpkins and signage. We didn't indulge, but I did bring home one of their big ceramic cauldrons to use as a planter.

So, Halloween 2024 has officially begun, months before The Skeleton Crew expected that to happen! They seem to have found enough spooky pastimes to keep busy until the rest of the decor comes out in July. Guess it's time to get those pumpkin seeds in the ground!

See you soon and thanks for stopping by!


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