Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bring in 'da Noise, Bring in 'da Fleur

This is where I wish I was right now,

but this is where I am.

I'd love to be listening to the song birds chirping away in this beautiful spring meadow,

instead of a quartet of chain smokers covered in tattoos and paint, wheeling deafening power tools.

(I have nothing against tats by the way, but don't they know smoking can kill you?)

It would be lovely to be sitting on that bench under the crabapple tree,

in preference to coming eye to eye with a painter just outside the bathroom window.

Even though our little 1929 house needs a lot of upkeep, I'm still very grateful for it. The painters and carpenters are doing a great job, they show up at eight in the morning, thankfully not seven, work hard into the evening and then they come back again the next day! I'm always relieved when they stay on the job until it's finished instead of tearing everything up and disappearing for weeks. There's absolutely nothing to complain about. It's not like they have been here forever, it just seems that way.

So I continue to fantasize about being in the pretty meadow at Olbrich Botanical Gardens,


to the tune of the Army Song.

The marching band from the middle school down the street does have to practice somewhere.
Not sure what's so inspiring about caissons rolling along but it's definitely become an ear worm.

Not to be outdone, Burt decided to join in and make some noise, too. Glad he has taken the time to put on some eye protection, but I can think of all sorts of trouble he could get into with a table saw.


                          Talk about some things being best left to the imagination!

Good to see both hands are actually intact,

because it's also dandelion season!

No dandelions here in the meadow, just wild tulips and daffodils.

Thanks for stopping by!

So what's your favorite fantasy escape?


  1. I too am a Meadow full of songbirds kind of person...though at a pinch a woodland glade will do :D XXX

  2. Oh, yes! That's another great escape, preferably without mosquitoes!