Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Summer Solstice!

Happy Summer Solstice!

Nick and Burt decided to roll out the telescope to see if they could determine the exact time of the solstice by the location of the sun. With the tilt of the earth being 23.5 degrees and our latitude being about 44 degrees, the altitude of the sun should be the sum of those two. Or we could google it. 

A word of caution. I have been sternly informed that if I used this photo I needed to warn everyone that no one should ever under any circumstances look directly at the sun, even while wearing sunglasses or goggles. Also never look through your telescope at the sun unless it has a sun filter fitted on it. I'd say, don't try this at home, but obviously that would be hypocritical, so just be safe. 

We are celebrating the beginning of summer with heat, humidity and lots of bugs!
Looks like Burt and Nick finished replacing the screens just in time.

This one looks like a miniature flying shrimp, hope it doesn't bite.

The dragonflies are back! They eat lots of the really annoying bugs. I chased this one around the backyard hoping it would land somewhere pretty but it was determined to keep returning to this pile of potting soil! I suppose it was good camouflage? Hope it ate that flying shrimp thing.

The pink flamingoes have also returned for the summer. I have no idea what Burt feeds them.

In honor of the solstice Burt has decided to channel his inner Green Man, or is it the Oak King?
More likely the Privet Skelly, at least the flowers smell nice.

Mother Nature has decided that it is now officially purple and yellow flower season. I think I complained enough about yellow flowers in my last post, but I do like the purple ones. 

On the bright side, butterflies are said to prefer flowers in yellow and purple.

Finally, the strawberries have arrived, now we're really all set for summer!

Hope you're having a Happy Summer Solstice Day!


  1. Burt makes such a fetching Green man lol...and the flowers look wonderful :D XXX

    1. For some reason those oak leaves just refused to stick to his face so by the time I'd taken a decent photo half of them had fallen off. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Came for the new post but it isn't showing XXX