Saturday, July 25, 2015

Salsa and Chairs

So who's this? Burt Simpson?

Or Psycho Burt Simpson?

Nope, it's just Burt making his special salsa. There's lots of fresh tomatoes to use up and he's been getting into the Halloween spirit ever since he realized it was only 97 days away!
As much as we all love Fall, we are in no rush for summer to be over!


There are still plenty of summer projects to finish up. Burt enjoyed these chairs in their skeletal version but they were impractical for the rest of us. Last month I added padded wood seats and backs but they were still too awful to sit on no matter how much beer we had to drink!

So for my last and I have to say, final attempt to salvage them I decided to try this kitschy macrame technique I somewhat reluctantly borrowed from the late 1990's Florida Retiree culture.   

My late father-in-law spent many winters in Florida and was particularly adept at mastering all sorts of crafts like this macrame technique. One winter he focused on refurbishing folding lawn chairs and the pair he gave us are actually quite comfortable. Unfortunately, I need a blindfold if they're anywhere within my sight so they reside permanently in the upstairs of our garage.

I have to admit I found the whole macrame process to be a long and tedious experience.
On the other hand, Spenser had a great time!

Here's one of the finished chairs with plenty of obvious mistakes. It's no surprise that they're still very uncomfortable, unless you're a cat. Next I'll be trying seat cushions which may or may not fix the comfort issue and at the same time cover up all the blunders. If that fails, they're off to Goodwill.

I should have wrapped them in chicken wire and covered them with moss.

 At least Burt's salsa is ready, looks like it's time to get out the chips!

Thanks for dropping by, hope everyone's having a great weekend!


  1. Those chairs look amazingly cool...hope they prove more comfortable soon...and Burt,s Salsa looks like a definite winner :D XXX

    1. Thanks,I do need to get busy though, right now we are using some old boat cushions that make rude noises when we sit down on them!