Sunday, February 26, 2017

Cheer Up and Join the Resistance!

A belated Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Please accept my sincere apology for being gone so long. I tried fixing a couple technical issues with my sidebar that have been plaguing me since my very first post and ended up creating a big mess. That took quite awhile to fix but then all those mean-spirited executive orders started spewing from the new administration and I had to join the resistance!


A few weeks before the inauguration there was a story about a web site put together by former congressional staffers called Indivisible, A Guide to Resisting the Trump Agenda. It's a clear set of guidelines for those of us desperate to voice our objections to the way thing are going. So I've been pestering my republican senator instead of arguing with my moronic relatives on Facebook. A win-win situation. Needless to say, since the mango-in-chief has taken office he has committed so many heinous acts it's been hard to keep up! The chocolate cake has no relevancy but I don't think that anyone would want to look at a photograph depicting how I really feel about the president.    

Nearly everyone we know is pretty upset about the nasty polices coming out of Washington.
Burt and Ivy attempted to distract themselves from the latest events with a little overindulgence.

That didn't work out at all. Does it ever?

After a good bit of remorse and a nap they decided it was time for action!
Burt and Kibitz got to work on an art project . . .

while Ivy started knitting hats.

Of course Burt has his own take on the iconic resistance headgear.
I'm sure Emily, Sabbath and NeeChee would approve.

They're feeling a little better now but they realized there is still a lot of hard work ahead.
In the end, they know the most important thing they can do to make their voices heard is to vote.
 (According to the president, dead people do a lot of voting, just not for him.)

In these scary times, maybe we should all take a cue from these veggies.
Hugs are good. 

His Madness and I were walking by the lake last week and noticed quite a few ducks looking really cute on the ice. Upon closer inspection we realized there was an even number of females and males and they were sort of paired up. Awww, speed dating for ducks, think any of them got cold feet?

 Again, so sorry for the long absence. I had hoped to get this posted on Valentine's Day but between my issues with Blogger, Time Warner Cable (why is it so impossible to deliver reliable internet service?) and the stupid government, couldn't make it happen. Burt and Ivy will be back soon. 

Thanks for stopping by and please consider joining the  Resistance!

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