Sunday, April 16, 2017


According to the calendar it's time to break out the bunnies and chocolate.
(It's also time to pay the taxes but there's no reason to throw a party for that!)

It doesn't matter what season we're in or which holiday we're celebrating, 
it always ends up looking a little like Halloween at our house.

It's not like we're lacking in excessively sweet and way too pastel cookie jars.

Or snazzy headgear. 

There's always a good supply of essentials for those Easter baskets.

Even the ones that really don't hold enough! Honestly, what were they thinking?

It's just that something always looks a little bit off. Did you notice the look in the eye of the tall one?
I think these bunnies may be planning a raid on the tiny (Christmas repurposed for spring) village!

Then there's the eggs.


Out in the garden it's a completely different story.
Mother Nature always produces the perfect blooms for the occasion.

She never fails to deliver, even up here in the frozen north!
Ok, most of the time she delivers; if there's no snow and the ground isn't still frozen.

However, she does like to stick it to those gardeners who believe they planted only purple crocuses.

Now, how about some Easter caroling?

A Happy Easter to all of you who are celebrating today.

I hope everyone is enjoying a merry spring and indulging in a chocolate bunny extravaganza!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

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