Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Happy Summer Solstice!

It has been raining cats and dogs for most of June so it was great that the sun finally got to shine on the longest day of the year! It was surprisingly chilly too but that didn't matter. Summer is here!

After a short inspection of the backyard, Ivy and Burt settled on the bench to enjoy the sunshine and Ivy said, "So Burt, do you know what meteorologists call it when it rains ducks and chickens?"
To which Burt replied, "No, I haven't a clue!"

 Ivy answered, "fowl weather."

Our foul weather was ancient history once the sun came out. It was like a double shot of expresso! I chased this dragonfly around the garden with my camera for quite awhile before it took a break!  

There's not very many flowers blooming at the moment but a few roses have started to open.
The white roses tend to get lost in the sunshine and the blue and purple flowers blend into the green. Ivy rescued her Mandevilla blossom after the wind knocked over the trellis.

The bush that produces these pretty clusters of white roses is called Darlow's Enigma. I bought it because I needed another plant to get the free shipping on my nursery order and I liked the sound of it's name. It's turned out to be a fantastic choice. Not only is it one of only three roses in my backyard that survived the Polar Vortex, it also bloomed into December last year. It has a great fragrance, too.

A closer inspection is always in order . . .

because you'll never know what you might see lurking around the edges . . .

. . . or in the corners!

In another corner Burt is trying out his Gomez Addams impression for Ivy's amusement.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Summer everyone!

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