Monday, July 24, 2017

Ivy & Burt Take On The Backyard

Wouldn't it be nice to spend the summer doing nothing? To wile away the afternoons relaxing in the shade with a cool drink just watching the flowers grow? That's always my goal anyway, ha!

In daydreams it's easy to overlook the oppressive heat and humidity that sends every living thing scampering into the AC or the legions of voracious mosquitoes that hatch due to all the rain. I am grateful for many things but this summer it's air conditioning and screens (that keep those thirsty blood-suckers away so we can enjoy the outdoors when it's not too hot) at the top of my list.

This beautiful Mandevilla vine was one of the new plants at our local garden center this spring and it's added a lovely tropical vibe to the backyard. It's been pretty easy to grow and loves all the hot, rainy weather. Is it time to crack open the rum and drag out the Tiki mugs yet? I'm thinking a big old volcano bowl filled with a mai tai or better yet, a zombie . . that would go better with the mosquitoes!

Meanwhile, back in the realm of reality, some volunteer plants have gotten a little out of hand. How cheeky is this vine to have hitched itself to a spider's web? Then again, how big is that spider? Eeek! 

As lucky as we are to have a garden to enjoy, it's impossible to keep it looking good without tending to it's needs. At least this year Mother Nature has spared us the task of watering! With plenty of chores and projects to accomplish, sometimes there's no other choice but to slather on the sunscreen and get to work! Luckily, Burt and Ivy are always willing to lend a hand.

Burt supplies the muscle.

While Ivy tackles the vine. She's not afraid of spiders!

This summer we have been swamped with projects of one sort or another. Although it's nice to have problems fixed and projects completed, it doesn't always leave a lot of time for fun.

One of the big projects we are currently working on is a long overdue clean up and overhaul of the nether regions of the backyard, i.e. the area behind the garage. Our neighbors recently removed a huge Black Walnut tree that was bordering our property. It was poisoning the ground around it as well as keeping the whole area in such deep shade nothing would grow but weeds and privet.  

So now that it's gone we've got big plans for something fun and of course some flowers. Burt's been working diligently to redistribute a huge pile of dirt while Ivy gets rid of the weeds and hauls all the junk away. We hope it can be transformed into a place we can actually use, instead of just avoid!

Unfortunately, that's not going to happen in one day - but it's a start!
It's a very good thing that Burt can count on Ivy to haul away his tired bones.

I hope everyone is having a great summer. So how are your projects going?

Thanks for stopping by! 

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