Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Pre-Thanksgiving Panic!

Our families are spread out from coast to coast and all parts in-between so we've given up on getting together for the winter holidays in favor of a summer reunion. Except for last year. At the last minute we ended up making Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. To be honest, when I say "we" I really mean Nick, he cooked while I frantically cleaned the house and polished the silver. So to avoid having a last minute scramble to create a festive look, this year we are starting a whole week early. 

 It's about time we got to work hauling all the Halloween stuff upstairs! I'm embarrassed to admit that most years I get the Halloween decorations put up just in time for the big day and then they stay around until well into December. Even though that wasn't the case this year, thanks to Marfi at Incipient Wings and Haunted Humpdays, I still find it hard to put away my favorite holiday trappings. 

Apparently someone else does too.
No hiding, Burt! Time to get packing, it's almost Thanksgiving!

The people who built our house managed to transform every available nook and cranny into a storage space. This was one fantastic idea in my opinion and I've done my best to put them all to good use. Unfortunately, it appears there's not quite enough room for a skeleton in the Halloween cupboard!

Or down in the basement either. Well Burt, I guess you will just have to stay out all year round.
Everything else has to be put away though.

Alright, maybe not everything. Please no more sad puppy dog looks.

Yes, the cute painting done by Maria at CozyComfyCouch can stay, too. It was nice of her to have a great giveaway during the fantastic party hosted by Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist. Thanks to you both.

On the other hand, some decorations are just asking to be put away.

 It's going really well, though . . .

... especially because Burt takes it so seriously!
Ok, the velvet pumpkins can stay, they're in fall colors. Searching the craft stores for anything not
related to Christmas is really pointless past the middle of October. Last year I only had enough decorations for the kitchen and dining room. I did find some cartoonish fabric in autumn colors and made no-sew window valances for the kitchen. Along with a fall travel poster it sort of took on a Thanksgiving atmosphere. No one mentioned the lack of turkey decorations elsewhere in the house probably because we always end up hanging out in the kitchen the whole time anyway.

Well, it's time to swap out the posters, hope he's careful that frame is kind of a heavy.

Oops! What do you think Stewart, is he ok?

Well, he's smiling, glad there's no broken bones.

On to the Thanksgiving decorations. Birds and pilgrims. Pathetic.
To bad we don't have any larger ones.

Thanks Burt, they're definitely larger but not turkeys. Good try though.

Ok Burt, you rest while I get the bunnies and easter eggs out of the curio.

Sorry for being absent for so long. Our internet service seems to be possessed by evil spirits. 
With luck it will be sorted out sometime this week. See you soon, I hope.


  1. That Burt cracks me up with his shenanigans! I need more Thanksgiving decor too...I only have one small turkey platter and a few things my kids made. That's enough, I guess!

    1. Oh, I completely forgot about the grade school Thanksgiving decorations! I loved the hand print turkeys and construction paper pilgrim hats. You're right, having just a few decorations is probably for the best.

  2. Our Internet was temperamental lately too... and yes, I typically keep Halloween up late and don't take anything Autumn down til past Thanksgiving just so I can stay in the spirit of Fall and not rush right into Christmas and Winter prematurely. Halloween being a fav Holiday and Autumn being a fav Season I hate that it can get pushed aside in the Rush Commercially. I'm enjoying some Festive Holiday Music, but beyond that I'm holding firm to Autumn for now and will do my own packing away and Transformation next weekend. Kinda makes me a bit sad tho'... even tho' I do thoroughly Enjoy the Christmas Celebration tremendously as well and that will stay up til past New Year. Happy Thanksgiving from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

    1. Fortunately, my internet is having a good day today, though I expect it to stop working at any moment! The Rush Commercially, I love that! Such a perfect description and I'm so with you on enjoying Autumn for as long as possible.