Monday, November 10, 2014

Autumn Colors

Autumn is usually colorful here but some years are definitely better than others.
Burt was pretty happy with this one, but then he's usually happy with everything!

I put this post together in late October when the autumn colors were at their peak, but I was having some problems with my internet connection at the time and it failed to publish. Since it's going to snow here tomorrow I thought it was time to dust if off and try again before autumn is really over! 

Nick and I have been hiking the trails of this nature center for years and have been
lucky enough to often see deer, red fox, otters, turkeys and lots and lots of snakes!

On the north side of Mosquito Hill the trees are mostly maples and birch and they stay
green longer than the aspen and oak trees on the south side. Eventually they all catch up.

Nick always manages to find something unexpected in the brambles.

Near the top of the hill the trees were mostly yellow and almost cover the sandstone.

The west side of the path near the top is where we usually find snakes.

This one to be exact. They're harmless and pretty slow this time of year.
This one got very upset at Nick's camera tripod and actually coiled up and hissed at it!

Continuing on, here's one view from the top . . .

. . . and another,

 . . . and of course one more.
Right after I took this photo Burt fell out of the tree and broke his arm, which posed
something of a problem. He was a trooper though and we trekked onto our next destination.

Back down on the east side through the Sumac trees.

Always the first to show some color in the fall and last to leaf out in the spring,

. . . and apparently moving into the prairie.

Our walk finished up at the oxbow lake, which was beginning to look more like a rice paddy.
Then it was home to repair Burt's arm.

Burt's arm was not so much broken as broken off. A rubber band and paper clip fixed him right up. The ice kept down the swelling and he was back to normal in no time at all. In fact he has an improved range of motion! It might be awhile before he gets his strength back however.

Fortunately being right handed, he was easily able to take advantage of some liquid painkiller.
By the next weekend he was all patched up and ready for the Halloween festivities.

Are you enjoying a colorful autumn? Have you ever fallen out of a tree?
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. Oh no, poor Burt! I am glad he was feeling better by Halloween. That area you went to is beautiful. I don't care for the snakes, but it is still very beautiful! Now I kind of want to get out and take some pictures of the park Amanda and I go to every once and a while. I have to get ahead of my homework though. :)