Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cabin Fever

Burt has been catching up on his reading during those recent winter days when the high temperature stayed firmly below zero. Although our weather hasn't been really all that bad, relatively speaking.

Of course there was always an ongoing project or two to keep everyone occupied.

Like building pinhole cameras from all those empty boxes that keep accumulating.

Then one day, when we least expected it, the dreaded Cabin Fever set in.

The overwhelming urge to laugh at the fickle gods of climate change overcame us. We put down our drinks, bundled up and went out to take full advantage of the frozen stuff. At least it was a sunny day!

Our top layer of snow was the dry, powdery variety, sadly making building a snow person or a decent fort impossible. Luckily, by using our bare hands it did melt just enough to stick together for snowballs! We were determined to have a proper snowball fight and quickly built up an arsenal.

Who won? Good question.

Probably the one who was least affected by the cold. So if your stuck inside, buried in snow,
trapped by the cold or just plain bored with winter here's some advice from Burt.

Make a few snow angels.

Try a new or old sport, you'll only hurt for a few days afterward.

Write your name in the snow.

Or if all else fails, take a road trip.

Thanks for stopping by!

How is your winter going? What's your favorite cure for Cabin Fever?


  1. Oh Burt, I've missed you. I have no idea how you can write your name in the snow when you have no bladder (just one of the great things about you) but I'm almost jealous - considering we have had the warmest winter in 150 years and barely had a week of snow this winter. Too much is a hassle, but without it completely us northerners go a bit cray-cray. Stay warm!

  2. Wow, so you are having an unusual winter, too! We have had one of the coldest winters on record and about half as much snow as we normally get. Too cold to get out and play! At least it makes driving easier but at the same time it's scary to think about what is happening to the global climate. Hope you get some late winter snow storms.

  3. OMGosh this is Fabulous!!!! ; ) Hopeful some warmth and spring is on its way!
    Burt's snow angel and name in snow is just a hoot!!! LONG LIVE BURT!!! ; )

  4. Temps finally moved above the "below zero" range yesterday. Hurray! It was 42 degrees here today and it felt like summer. Ha! Guess it's all relative. Thanks for stopping by!