Sunday, March 8, 2015

Burt Cleans Up

Tomorrow is the beginning of Daylight Saving Time for most of us here in the states. It seems like spring is in the air even though it's still officially a couple weeks away. It will in all probability be snowing here until May, but that's ok, we're used to it. In the meantime, that extra hour of light at the end of the day can illuminate all sorts of disgusting housekeeping problems. Luckily, Burt has offered to help out with the spring cleaning chores in addition to offering some of his sage advice.

Be prepared.

 Being able to see things clearly is always important . . .


. . . so is looking at a problem from a different point of view.

Have fun, but don't overlook those hard to reach places . . .

. . . because cleaning, like life is all about balance.

After all you never know what you will find once you start looking.

You might find cat toys under the couch . . .

or a skeleton in your closet!

Thanks for stopping by!

Is it spring yet where you live or are you still waiting for it to arrive?
What do you love most about spring?


  1. HAHAHahahaha...does Burt do house calls?...I probably have a whole colony of spiders living in the corners and under my sofas :D XXX

  2. I'll ask , he's usually up for anything but I can't say much for his follow through. As for spiders, aren't they the worst?Just today one came dangling off the ceiling right in front of my face, it was tiny but still, eek!! Thanks for dropping in!