Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pi Day 2015

Last Saturday was the Pi Day of the century (if it's noted in our odd way of writing the date by starting with the month first, then the day and using two digits for the year). Searching the internet I couldn't find any explanation of exactly why or when this started in the US or even why we continue to use this unusual system but in this instance it gave all the math nerds a special day to party. Apparently they lost a really big chance to celebrate in 1592! Since science and math are popular topics for discussion during meals in our home, the day was marked by the production of 3.14 pies.    

The pies chosen for the big event were spinach quiche, pumpkin and deep dish pizza for the whole number 3 and a little apple pie for the .14. To be honest the little apple pie is a bit over at .16666667!
Yes, both pi and pie are indispensable in the real world!

So what is the big deal about Pi Day? Is pi really an equation we use much after taking the college entrance exams? It is cool that all those seemingly random numbers that go on forever actually make up the order of a perfect circle. So here's some of that perfect circle business with a pi crust. 

Ok, so that's not quite a perfect circle. Guess it's all in the wrist.

If you put pie crust and filling in a square dish would it still be called a pie?

Then there are all those numbers . . .

. . .  never ending or showing a pattern of repeating,

It seems I'm the only one in our household who actually uses Pi for practical purposes, like sewing a round tablecloth for this serviceable table Nick made to hide the woofer for the sound system. It makes a good hiding place for our kitty, Spenser who is portraying Schrodinger's Cat here, maybe.

The  inspiration for the spiral design on the pumpkin pie came from this Pi Pie charm on my bracelet. I have made use of pi when ordering bangle bracelets online in order to get the right size. Thanks to all the attention I'm actually paying to pi for this post I will probably be able to remember it to four places and won't have to cheat by dividing 22 by 7. So that's twice I've used pi since the SAT!

A couple of math nerds with their quiche. March 14 is also Albert Einstein's birthday so Burt decided to pay homage to the great man by dressing in his likeness. As for Nick, well that's just how he looks. 

Hmmm, Pumpkin Pi to 29 places. 

A piece of pi's irrational numbers.

Later that day there was the deep dish pizza pie!

Ok, I found this on the internet.
If depth = a, and the radius = z, the volume = pi * z * z * a
Well, I believe that was all the nerdy pi related stuff that happened on 3-14-15.
Think I'll go make a circle skirt.  

Now Burt, what are you planning on doing with that pie?

Did you celebrate Pi Day? Do you every use pi?
Is it irrational to want to know?

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  1. Does Burt have a girlfriend?...only I loves all it's guises :D XXX

  2. Ha! Well, we certainly had our fill of pie that day and the rest of the week, too!