Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Burt's Top Ten Signs of Spring

April showers are a sure sign that spring is finally here.

The daffodils make a tentative appearance. 

There are those sudden and unpredictable weather changes.

Wait! Whaaaaat????

The snow shovel gets traded in for a garden spade.

The terrarium gets cleaned up and ready for seedlings.

All those seed and plant catalogs start to pile up.

At least there's lots of time to make plans for the garden, while it's snowing! 

The primroses arrive . . . at the  garden center.

Last year's maple syrup is almost gone.

Of course there's lots left in the stores, it's just not from these particularly tasty maple trees.

The tornado warning sirens go off for several minutes every Saturday at noon.

Friends get together for coffee.

and a good prank . . .

on April Fools Day!

Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful spring day!
With or without snow.


  1. Lol..looks like Nature played the biggest prank...snowing on gardening day :D XXX

  2. Yes, once again Mother Nature gets in the last word! Luckily, it melted by the middle of the afternoon.