Monday, April 20, 2015

Bunny Burt and Friends

It's been a long wait but it seems that spring may have finally arrived here. Easter came and went all cold and snowy but luckily it melted the next day. Meanwhile, Burt got in touch with his inner rabbit.

 My garden is still mostly brown and I have to say it's really not much to look at but at least it's a good camouflage for the bunnies. This one is all fat and sassy from feasting on my roses all winter.

Meanwhile, the indoor bunnies enjoyed a more colorful scene. These slightly scary vintage ones seem pretty happy to be out of the drawer they've been hidden in for the last fifty years.

Of course, some of the bunny wannabes are less enthusiastic than others.

Others get a little too excited, eventually getting on other peoples nerves.

Then there are the industrious rabbits. While packing up the Easter decorations I noticed that the bunnies have all the responsibility for the eggs! Not just for the delivery but the decorating too.  

This guy looks pretty satisfied with his egg painting.
Happy 420 Mr. Bunny!

Yet another rabbit hard at work.

Then there are those that become sacrificial bunnies.

Doomed by being tasty, they seem resolved to their fate.

 Earless but delicious.

Happy Spring!

Thanks for stopping by.

 Do you have a favorite bunny?


  1. Aaaaw...all those bunnies are sooo cute :D XXX

  2. There are three baby bunnies (at least) in my backyard, unfortunately they are way too fast for me and my camera.

  3. I thought I had Favorite everythings until you asked that particular question and then I realized I DO NOT have a Favorite Bunny! *Gasp!* Happy Spring... from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. To be honest, it never occurred to me either! I do have a favorite flavor of bunny however.