Saturday, August 15, 2015

Heat and Bugs

Our summer is really in full swing, the tomatoes are getting ripe,

lots of butterflies are visiting,

and the bees are very, very busy.

Unfortunately, high temperatures combined with too little rain has left the ground bone dry.

So to preserve the blooms and get (what we ironically refer to as) the lawn
back to looking green, it was time to get out the garden hose,

 and hook up the sprinklers!

The flowers really love the heat and have been putting out masses of blooms but for Burt and
the rest of us it's been just too hot! Since summer is way too short to spend indoors,

 the next best way to beat the heat is by running through the sprinklers!

Now that the blooms are no longer thirsty,

it's time to relax and stop worrying about the lack of rain,

because there will always be something new to deal with just around the corner!

Did I just heard thunder?

Don't you feel cooler already?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Fun in the sun...but then Burt didn't really need an ecxuse to play with the sprinkler did he lol XXX

    1. Yes, it's unlikely that the heat bothers him much! However, I enjoyed the sprinkler immensely!