Wednesday, August 19, 2015

On the Road

Summer is flying by, so we decided it was time to hit the road, see the sights and get together with old friends before the snow starts to fall. Of course, Burt is always ready to give us a hand with the plans.

 Talk about getting into packing for a trip! Apparently, Burt expected to go along with us.
Just how much stuff does he need?

Spenser decided he might as well get into the action too.

Fortunately we managed to convince them that cats and skeletons were not allowed at our hotel. Burt said he understood and then cheerfully bid us bon voyage promising to stop by and play with the kitties while we were away. Spencer was not as understanding. 

So, on a stormy day we headed out to meet old school friends in Madison. Those storm clouds have taken permanent residence over the capital ever since our unspeakably cruel and evil governor took up residence. Hopefully after losing his bid to become the Republican candidate for the presidency he will become a lobbyist or take a position at Fox News, then we can begin to repair the significant damage he has done to our public education, the universities and women's rights. He needs to go!

Irregardless of the political climate the capital is still surrounded by a fabulous and
distinctly bohemian Farmers Market with great fresh produce and lots of cheese. 

Of course there's plenty of other places to buy cheese, too
and this place has a huge selection from all over the world! 

We really can't pay a visit to Madison without overeating, drinking too much and staying out until the bars close or  walking through the Olbrich Botanical Gardens. It just wouldn't be right!

This beautiful collection of unusual succulents were growing in the Rose Garden,
which was a great idea because none of the roses were blooming at the time.
Love that the garden designers are always coming up with new and unique plants every season. 

Across an ornamental bridge is one of the highlights of the garden, the beautiful Thai pavilion and it's surrounding landscaping. The Thai Pavilion was a gift to the University of Wisconsin from the government of Thailand and the Thai Chapter of the University Alumni Association. As I was taking this photo it was starting to rain and everyone had just cleared out. There had been two large wedding parties taking pictures and the place was crawling with people, then suddenly it was empty! 

Quite a riot of color for this supposedly serene place!

The art form of the clipped Chinese junipers above is called mai dat. It's a common element in Thai gardens that has been practiced since the 13th century. Last year I spent quite a bit of time gushing about the pavilion and it's garden here and since it wasn't raining, the photos look a lot better.

A final view of the amazingly vibrant colors.
It's been a fun visit but the rain isn't letting up so it's onto the next adventure.

But first we needed to check into our hotel . . . and what did we find?
A stow-away with the luggage!  I thought he gave up too easily, glad Spenser wasn't with him!

Have you been on any trips lately?

Thanks for coming along on the ride!


  1. No trips for me so far this year, but I am enjoying yours very much :D XXX

  2. Oh...we did take a trip to the Ikea store 25 miles away, and just for fun, we used satnav ...and ignored all it's suggestions stopped talking to us by the time we got to leeds *evil grin*

    1. Oh, those talking directions, I can never follow them!
      I must be the only person alive who has never been to an Ikea, the closest one to me is at least three hours away. I'll have to plan a another trip!