Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Burt's Bad Day

One day last week things weren't going too well for Burt,

he couldn't tell if he was coming or going,

 and no matter how hard he tried he just couldn't keep it together.
This is a serious problem for a skeleton, especially since Halloween is just around the corner!

He had definitely gone to pieces.

Fortunately the Mad Hatter knew just what needed to be done and apparently it tickled.

First a sedative needed to be concocted and administered to the patient.

Burt's trusty friend, Kibbitz flew in to lend moral support and sage advice.
In no time at all they got Burt all patched up,

with a little help from a Duck. 

Afterward, Burt slept off the anesthesia,

and soon he was as good as dead!

So how is your week going?  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh!...So glad Burt is feeling better...just one question....Whose is the "spare hand" in the second to last photo? Is there a Mrs Burt on the horizon? :D XXX

    1. It's hard to say what Burt will get up to next, but he is hopefully going to have an interesting autumn. Thanks for dropping in!

  2. Where did you find a bird Skeleton?!! I want one!
    Love your Halloween stories and look forward to your posts!

    1. Kibbitz, Burt's new raven friend came from Target, they also have a cat and three sizes of skeletal dogs. I'm not sure Burt is ready for a more demanding pet. So glad you could stop by!

  3. I have to say Burt is looking a lot better!

    1. It was pretty scary when he was in two pieces. Hopefully the mending will last through Halloween! Thanks for visiting!