Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Skeletal Food & Beverages on a Hot Afternoon

Since our summer seems reluctant to give way to autumn it has been a bit hard to muster up any real Halloween spirit. Daytime temperatures that climb into the 80's aren't helping much either. Not that I mind! There's plenty of crisp fall weather ahead but it's impossible to resist spending these balmy summer days in idleness even if they are keeping me from getting to serious Halloween decorating!

There's also been a bounty of late summer flowers in our backyard. These hydrangeas are normally midsummer bloomers but this year they decided not to show up until it was officially autumn. They make quite a contrast to the fading greenery of the perennials with their blossoms all gone to seed.  

Even the clouds formations we only see in the summer are showing up now, at the end of September! Yikes!

Naturally, all this unseasonal weather has kept the mosquito population thriving.
Although, it has also brought in some of their more interesting predators.

So without so much as a hint of frost on the pumpkins, Burt has taken it upon himself to create some proper autumnal ambience by employing his favorite foods and beverages - starring skeletons! Besides, what else goes down better on a hot afternoon than a few cold ones and some junk food? Burt is obviously not one to be overly health conscience, probably with good reason.   

Actually, it all started around our anniversary in August. Burt stopped by to convey his regards and share a bottle of wine that was currently a favorite of his. He felt this bottle was highly appropriate for the occasion and apparently so did Mickey and Minnie. They made quite a cheerful group! So a quest was established to find other skeletal themed consumables that we might be willing to try.

For whiling away a sunny afternoon when it's just too hot to do anything, Burt selected this interesting looking beer. It has a great name and clever logo but it tastes like Miller Lite.

At least the carton makes a pretty good mask.

Fortunately we have a Cheetos Bag of Bones to make up for the lack of flavor in the beer while also providing some much needed entertainment. Besides, it's always fun to play with your food.

Moving on to dessert, we should probably have been feeling either sick or guilty by now.
We will most definitely be skipping the milk with these cookies.

Even though they're orange in color they still taste like regular Oreos.
Why is this not a surprise?

Finally, while Burt sleeps off his afternoon indulgences Spencer has stepped in to remind us of the classic Halloween treat! Even though he's not a black cat, he can appreciate the fact that kitties also play a big part in the holiday, plus they have their own candy bar! Even though he doesn't eat candy or junk food or even mice, he does look like he's pretty pleased about getting one up on the skeleton!

Thanks so much for stopping by, has Autumn arrived where you live yet?

What's your favorite Halloween treat?


  1. Such beautiful dahlias! They're one of my favorite flowers :)

    I love the tags on those bottles, and what a beautiful kitty you have.

    I just pulled out the lights you were so generous to send me last year, and I'm contemplating lighting up the entire patio :) Thank you ever so much once again!

    1. Dahlias are one of my favorites, too. Just when I think all the flowers are over for the summer those beauties show up in every color, shape and size!

      I'm so glad you like the lights and hope they work properly!!!
      Thanks for stopping by!