Thursday, August 4, 2016

Summer Flowers & Friends

Since it's August and it seems liked we've been stuck inside in the air conditioning forever,
it was about time to brave the heat and see what has been going on in the backyard. 

Around here, late summer usually brings hot days of relentless sunshine, but not this year! Cloudy days with rain aren't a bad thing though, thanks to Mother Nature there's no need for extra watering.

All the extra heat and rain has brought about some interesting developments
including this little patch of volunteer violas blooming in the driveway cement.

Then there's some other voluntary visitors who are equally colorful,
although this Yellow Swallowtail butterfly would dwarf those violas.

So it was time to smell the roses,

listen to Elwood's watery tune,

and the bees buzz,

while counting ourselves lucky that there was one lace cap hydrangea bloom!

We welcomed the visits from the bugs that are amazing and helpful and

try to overlook the ones that are not, because 

you just never know what you'll find in a garden until you take a good look. 

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Your garden looks amazing! I especially love that those violas have sprouted unexpectedly :D XXX

    1. Ha! It's always those happy accidents that turn out the best, luckily they're right up next to the foundation so we don't drive over them. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. My what a gorgeous garden you have - even the pathway "weeds" are beautiful!

    1. Thank you. That little handful of flowers gets way more attention than all the other blooms in the garden. I guess good things do come in small packages! So glad you could drop in.

  3. Such a beautiful way to begin my day - with a colorful visit!
    Those little volunteer violas always make me realize beauty can be found in the smallest and most unexpected places.