Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Haunted Humpday III - The Halloween Hunt

It's time for Haunted Humpday III! Burt and Ivy are joining Marfi at Incipient Wings for a bit of scary fun leading up to Halloween. Hopefully, the skeleton crew will make it all the way to the end!

This week it's time for some serious Halloween shopping! Since it was a beautiful day Burt and Ivy decided to go to the farmers' market and then check out the latest displays of Halloween decorations before they are pulled off the shelves and replaced with Christmas ornaments!

 The first stop was the garden center where they found a good selection of pumpkins.

Just as they were thinking about how retailers seem to devote much less time and effort into Halloween they ran into quite a group of old friends, but they didn't want to hang around too long . . . 

so they went back outside to check out this a giant witch jack o' lantern chiminea . . . 

. . . as well as lots of cool purple flowers and some cute ghosts.

 Big decorations are all well and good but sometimes it's the little things that are the most fun.
It's hard to pass up a pumpkin scented candle, especially when there's a good pun on the label.

Burt decided this Trick or Treat banner that lights up was a necessity for the front door, plus there's a black cat riding on the Witch's broom so it was destined to be added to the collection. 

He also spied this miniature version of himself so it had to come home, too.


After all that shopping a stop at the liquor store was inevitable and they found some tequila with the most fabulous labels. It was too hard to decide which one they liked best so they got both!

Cheers to Halloween shopping and a Happy Haunted Humpday to all!


  1. I can tell they had a great time! I sure did!
    Thank you for taking us all on a shopping expedition with you!
    okay I love the chiminea so much and that candle label really did make me laugh out loud!
    The banner and that mini Burt are adorable.
    I used to have a collapsible cardboard coffin that I would set up every year in my yard decorations...I see a little corner of it in the photo of all of Burt and Ivy's friends hanging out, lol.
    Glad they could have a relaxing drink and light scented candles at the end of their busy day!
    this was awesome, my daughter especially looks forward to haunted humpday with these two crazy skellies!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Happy Haunted Humpday!!

    1. Oh, that collapsible coffin was so tempting, but then so was the pirate! It must have made for a great display. I was really planning on exercising some self control this year. We will see how that goes, ha! After seeing your awesome ouija decorations I'm afraid another shopping spree is inevitable. Thanks for visiting!

  2. I so love your Halloween posts! We love the skellies too!

    1. Aww, thanks! It's fun putting them together plus Burt and Ivy are very cooperative. So glad you could drop in for a spell!

  3. Replies
    1. Those two are always ready to party . . . or shop!

  4. Aww, they had so much fun. As always, I adore them and these posts!

    1. Thank you! They're a fun couple and I find myself smiling at them when I'm taking the photos. Hmmm, maybe there's something to be learned from their enjoyment of life?