Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Haunted Humpday V - Decorating Skeletons

Wow, it's Haunted Humpday V! Burt and Ivy are joining Marfi at Incipient Wings for some fun leading up to Halloween. The skeleton crew and friends finally got down to business this week!

Kibitz was very upset because he couldn't get Burt and Ivy interested in decorating for Halloween. They kept ignoring his pleas, and with the holiday less that three weeks away he was beginning to get very worried. In fact he was in a panic about what to try next to convince them to get to work. In a desperate attempt to move things along he decided to confide in Spenser and ask for his help.

It really wasn't a big problem. Burt was simply up to his old tricks, surprising Ivy and making her laugh. They were just having too much fun to bother with unpacking all the decorations.

Eventually, with a little encouragement they finally managed to get to work and in no time had arranged the haunted houses in the curio. It looked spooky enough but they were quick to point out that there was a sorry lack of skeletons among the village accessories, in fact there was only one!

By coincidence, Kibitz and Spenser came across a box of skeletons at the exact same time!

They moved on to the piano and decked it out in black candles, tarnished silver and glittery gourds. Burt and Ivy couldn't keep their noses to the grindstone for very long however, especially since neither of them actually have much of a nose, so they decided to take a little break.

There's nothing like some spooky Boogie Woogie to gets your toes tapping and bones rattling!

Unfortunately Spenser was becoming more and more indignant. He had been trying his best to think of ways to incorporate this newly discovered cache of tiny skeletons into the decor but between Kibitz's constant pestering and Burt's silly antics he just couldn't concentrate.   

Next, the skeleton crew focused their attentions on the mantle where the centerpiece is this wedding photograph of two of Burt's long lost relatives. This cherished piece was a gift from Marfi and has become a favorite among all the Halloween decorations. 

The only other thing it needed was a couple of ravens, for a touch of black. 

Spenser decided all this creative thinking was way too much for his brain to handle. He put off deciding on how to use the little skeletons but now it looks like he has another issue to deal with! Poor kitty, maybe he should just stick to eating, sleeping and looking out of the window.

Burt and Ivy put the finishing touch on the Halloween decorations by hanging up the haunted mansion mural, yet another gift from the generous Marfi. She is definitely the Queen of Halloween!     

Then they got busy working on their costumes! Who said they aren't into the holiday spirit?

Here's wishing you all a scary Happy Haunted Humpday!


  1. Burt and Ivy is my relationship goal <3

    1. They do seem to have a good time together and I guess that's the one thing that matters the most in any relationship! Thanks for stopping by, hope you're feeling better.

  2. Yay! Everything looks so deliciously spooky!
    How adorable is spenser! And what a good boy! He doesn't fling Kibitz off the table, lol!
    Burt and Ivy are hilarious, I look forward to their antics every week!
    Aww, I love that a couple of your decorations are from haunted humpdays passed. Thank you, Burt and Ivy for remembering.
    Hope your day is wonderful and creepy!
    Hugs to you
    And kibitz!!

    1. Thanks! Burt & Ivy always look so ridiculously happy it doesn't seem like I can get any sort of eeriness into the photos but then again, I guess that's also part of their charm. As for Spenser, he has been really good lately but I don't expect it will last too much longer!
      I was really happy to finally get to use the mural you sent. It looks so fabulous I'm not going to want to put it away!
      Have a Happily Haunted Humpday and thanks for dropping in!

  3. new world to me yet really interesting and enjoyable

  4. I love seeing what Burt and Ivy get up to. Looks like loads of fun!