Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Gloomiest Snowfall of All!

Winter surprised us by showing up on Sunday. It's not like it wasn't inevitable, in fact it's actually a little late. Luckily, the white stuff didn't arrive in any great quantity, just enough to cover up any signs of dormancy. The heavy cloud cover cast an interesting, if slightly eerie light on the snowy street. 

It definitely put an end to the growing season.
Good thing I picked the final crop of the tomatoes last week.
Who says climate change is a hoax?

In honor of the first snow fall, His Madness decided to put up the Christmas lights.
With a nice coating of ice, a few inches of snow and a steeply pitched roof, what could go wrong?
We could use a wreath on the front door and a little sunshine would be welcome too.

The Oak trees always look wonderful with a touch of fresh snow.

I can't say the same for the pansies.

There was a scattering of roses on the arbor until just a few days ago. Having roses blooming in December was a first for my garden but then so was being able to pick tomatoes in November!

The fairies look a little out of place, not to mention inappropriately dressed for the weather!

Several projects kept me busy over the summer and I completely neglected my garden. So Mother Nature decided to step in and take charge. She got a little carried away and I may have to take a machete to the path before I can shovel off the snow. Next summer I'll try to pay closer attention.

Back inside Burt and Kibitz have started decorating for the holidays by putting up the tree and adding the lights. Even if we're not quite in the spirit of the season yet, the tree makes the house smell great!

Meanwhile, Spenser just can't understand why he's not allowed to climb it!

Thanks for stopping by! What gets you into the holiday spirit?


  1. But how beautiful the snowy gloominess is.
    ANd that picture with the cat is just magnificent!

    1. It was an interesting light, all the everyday backyard stuff took on a very mysterious look and the sky was so dark it looked more like we were going to have a thunderstorm instead of snow!
      I still can't believe Spencer held still long enough for me to take a photo. he usually ends up being one big blur. Thanks for dropping in!