Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Some Last Day of November Nonsense

 Last summer His Madness suggested a road trip to a nearby town's historical museum to take our minds of the heat and humidity and it was closed! So we ended up visiting their jailhouse instead. My first impression was that this was a pretty fancy place to keep criminals, unless they had a dungeon! For 75 years it was the home of the sheriff and his family as well as possibly up to eight county prisoners, that's why it's actually called a jailhouse, like in the song, "Jailhouse Rock", who knew? 

On the first floor, across from the family's main living room, was the Sheriff's Office.

It was the place all the prisoners were processed . . . 

. . . while the children watched cartoons across the hall. Really.

The prison cells were in the back . . .

. . . on the other side of the wall from where the Sheriff slept!

As for that dungeon, well the family dining room . . .

. . . kitchen

 . . . and laundry were in the basement instead. How cool is that pink washer?
Sadly, there was no matching dryer, maybe they hadn't been invented yet.

The children slept upstairs, where the only bathroom was located.

It seems like it would've been pretty hard to break out of this jail, but just in case . . . 

it looks like someone decided to stash a get-away car camouflaged as a tea cosy at the back door.
It was a pretty odd place for a visit and now I can't get Jailhouse Rock out of my head!

So where is the strangest place you've ever visited? Thanks for stopping by.

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