Tuesday, November 8, 2016

It's Election Day!

Technically, Ivy and Burt can't vote but that hasn't stopped them from getting involved in the election process. They obviously have a favorite candidate, preferring to support the reasonable, sane one as opposed to siding with a buffoon who indulges in fear mongering by attacking minorities and women.

Just in case you might have forgotten a few of the finer points of this election, like the opportunity to vote for a highly qualified candidate with years of experience in government and foreign relations or  a xenophobe. I think Samantha Bee summed it up best in her monologue that can be found here.

All elections are important, don't give away your power by staying home.
Go here to find out more information on how to cast your vote!


  1. I see that you haven't blogged since the election - I understand why. Still, I just wanted to pop by and say 'hi'!

    1. I'm really sorry for being so neglectful of the online community lately but I finally managed to publish two posts today! A couple days after Halloween I came down with the worst cold I've had in decades and that combined with the devastating blow of the election and my wayward laptop really put me off my game! Hopefully Burt & Ivy will be back to their usual shenanigans soon.
      It was really nice of you to stop by and say "hi"!