Thursday, November 3, 2016

Halloween 2016

So, just how did Halloween 2016 measure up to previous years?

It was a beautiful night for distributing candy bars. Yet in spite of the lack of our usual weather (rain or snow with freezing temperatures), attendance was DOWN! Eeek! We usual have a little over a hundred Trick or Treaters but tonight I'm guessing we had only about seventy. Now that was weird.

After the Trick or Treat hours were over, we went for a walk to check out the decorations.

There were quite a few cemeteries although this year no one included sound effects, which I sort of missed. Was this possibly due to complaints or some kill-joy city ordinance? Hmmm.

Large inflatables were also very popular. Burt and Ivy liked this group the best.

Skeletons and politics were also favorite themes, along with Trump bashing, yay!

I do believe Uncle Sam is one of Burt's relatives.

I was happy to see Hillary was out campaigning! I need one of those yard signs.

This giant extravaganza had to be the scariest of all! 

  After our walk, Burt and Ivy spent the rest of the evening quietly decorating cupcakes.

Ivy added the frosting while Burt did the decorating  . . .

and taste testing.

Then they snuck out the backdoor to scare the bejesus out of the residents of the hood!
Bwah ha ha ha ha!!!

Thanks for stopping by, hope everyone had a great Halloween!


  1. Wonderful pictures, so jealous of the fun!

    1. It was surprising just how many elaborate Halloween displays there were around town this year. I think I'm going to have to work a little harder in the future.