Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Madness Redux

Hmmm, a hat on the hedge...

so is this a formal hedge trimming?

Oh, it's a MAD Hedge trimming.

It appears that someone really enjoyed their role in the Mad Tea Party.

Here's some madness of another sort. The Morning Glory vines are just great at
covering the arbor but not at flowering! Then there's the Limelight Hydrangea
that seems to have doubled it's size and is threatening to swallow the garage.

Last month I posted a photo of my half pink and half white crabapple here.
Now that ALL the flowers have turned into crabapples, this is how they look.

My next project is to make a slipcover for one of the ugliest patio sofas ever.
After rummaging through all the outdoor material that was half-price and
ending up with way too much fabric, I've decided to use the green paisley.

After all, you can never have too much green in a garden.


  1. Can he come and do our hedges too? I am jealous of the trimmer! Mine is small. I need a blade like that!

  2. Ha! He just might do it, as long as he gets to wear his hat. Our hedge trimmers don't last very long and every replacement is larger than the last, I worry he will come home with a chainsaw next!