Thursday, August 14, 2014

This Morning with Sunshine

This morning the sun decided to shine! 
A big change from the cold and rainy days we've been having.

It has meant less watering and luckily no time spent cooped up inside in the AC.
Of course there has been the accompanying fungal diseases and molds.

This interesting hollyhock leaf (Alcea rosea, as long as I'm being scientific)
was just ripe with rust pustules. Pretty gross, huh? The botanical name is
  Puccinia malvacearum, which sounds more like an Italian opera than a
fungus. Have to admit I find these disgusting diseases really fascinating.

While I was out taking advantage of the rare phenomenon known as sunlight I happened
upon this little bumble bee. As usual I assumed the worst. However, curiosity got
the best of me and after a one sided conversation I was reassured that all was okay

with a high five from Ms. Bee.

Possibly too much partying with these flashy characters? They had nothing to say for themselves. 

It just goes to show that things can look different in a change of light.

Some things look prettier,

others look more strange,

and some always look the same, no matter what.

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