Monday, August 4, 2014

Road Trip, continued . . .

The second leg of our trip was a visit to my Mom and to check up on the family farm.
It's been in our family since 1867 and my brother and I are the current caretakers.

The backyard, home to countless family reunions, ball games,
croquet tournaments, a fairly fast go-cart track and my wedding reception.

A white house with a red barn, pretty typical Wisconsin dairy farm, minus the cattle of course.
As usual, I'm worried about how long it will be before that roof needs replacing.

For some reason the neighbor's cat decided to pay us a visit with her kittens.

It didn't take long for them to make themselves right at home.

 I believe there's no reason to complain about having kittens around 
and feeding them was not a mistake, Mom.

I couldn't do a post without some flowers.  

These are my grandparents and great aunt in the front of the house around 1910.
I love that they included the dog, he seems so pleased to be there!

Luckily I got to see some of my cousins too! It was fun and over too soon.
Of course there's only one photo of the group and I'm still trying to fix the exposure.
The next project is to scan heaps of old photos and documents.

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