Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Haunted Humpday X - Magical Gifts

Burt stopped by yesterday just as the Mail Carrier was delivering this fantastic parcel.
It was from Marfi at Incipient Wings!
How generous of her to not only host Haunted Humpday but to have such fabulous giveaways, too.   

I said it was the most magical Halloween package I had ever seen and Burt agreed. Even the back was decorated with a gorgeous raven. We quickly but carefully went to work opening it which was a little difficult since Burt was soooo excited! What did we discover inside?  

It was overflowing with all sorts of fun Halloween projects and decorations and
wrapped up in an orange and black polka dot ribbon we found a very mysterious crystal!

But what caught Burt's immediate attention was a long lost family wedding picture!
However did Marfi come across this photo nearly two thousand miles away?

While Burt found the perfect place for his family photo I started to imagine an upcoming Dia de los Muertos post. It's nice to have a special day devoted to honoring your departed loved ones and I can't pass up exploring such a great topic on my blog, especially when it was literally dropped in my lap!

Meanwhile, during the later hours of the evening Burt and Nick sat down to sample the Vicious Valarian Venom and investigate the mysterious crystal when suddenly they both began to glow!  Yikes!!! Well, the crystal and liquid were glowing, Burt and Nick being lit up came later.

So now what? How was this happening? Was it safe to drink? Has that ever stopped them?

Never one to shy away from a new experience, Nick took a sip.

Burt didn't want to put the crystal down because he liked how it tickled his hand,
but he too eventually gave in to the lure of glowing green liquid.

Which led to the inevitable. Hey guys, good movie?

A Happy Haunted Humpday X to everyone!
Thanks for stopping by, sorry we're out of Vicious Valarian Venom but there's always beer!
It appears that our Jack o'lantern's also been sampling the glowing green. It looks a bit hungover.

Thank you, Marfi for all the wonderful inspiration and for hosting The Haunted Humpdays of 2014!

It's been great to meet so many new people, thank you all so much for visiting. Nick has fixed most of my issues with my side bar and the gremlins in my comments section so I hope to catch up with the replies soon. Burt will continue his exploits here as I can't imagine what I ever blogged about before he showed up in my shopping cart. Have a Happy Halloween, see you soon!


  1. As always awesome and comical post, looking forward to your Dia de los Muertos posting. Burt and Christmas, yes please, my kids and I just love that guy . Happy Halloween and felize Dia de los Muertos.

    1. Thanks! Hope your and your family have a great Halloween!

  2. Love this one!!!
    I do hope to see Burt throughout the holidays:)
    Thank you so much.

    1. Thank YOU! It was all inspired by your fantastic Halloween giveaway!

  3. Hahahaha...Burt struggling to hold his cool :D XXX

    1. Eventually he slept it off, guess the movie wasn't scary enough to keep him awake. Thanks for visiting!

  4. So glad to hear that we haven't seen the last of Burt... Happy Halloween!

  5. Love it! Such a fun post. Happy Halloween!!

  6. Haha, hilarious!

    I'm catching up in the blog world after the weekend today :)