Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Poe, Burt & a bit of Boston - Haunted Humpday VIII

Nick and I went to see our son, Andy in Boston this past weekend. It seems that the trees in the east are refusing to give up their summer green too. The Public Garden did have a couple colorful ones.

Of course since it's close to Halloween we had to visit the new statue of Edgar Allan Poe.
Though I have to admit that I find "The Raven" both brilliant and a little cheesy in parts.

That's our son and his girlfriend behind the raven, patiently humoring me.
Hey, what are parents for if not to embarrass their kids now and then?

Another sign of fall on our walk.

Meanwhile back at home Burt was making himself useful with the Raven related decorations.
It took me three years of after Halloween sales to assemble this wreath. The black silk roses and metal Happy Halloween part came from Target and I found the ravens at Tuesday Morning.

Burt decided he looked cool with a raven on this head.

Time to fill up the raven candy bowl.

Ravens for the mantle. It's been cold and rainy all week, leaving poor Burt . . .

. . . chilled to the bone!

Finally, a good use for the velvet pumpkins!

Moving on to the dining room always in need of a few lights and garland.

Another find from an after Halloween sale at Target a few years ago. It says "Stop in for a Spell" but the "S's" look like "G's" so we put it up high and just tell anyone who asks what it says.

Here's the Halloween Village.

I'm joining Marfi at Incipient Wings for Haunted Humpday VIII

Happy Haunted Humpday to all!


  1. Chilled to the bone...HA, poor Burt! Love the wreath, one of the best I've seen. The metal part is awesome!

  2. I love your Haunted Humpday Posts!! Burt is awesome! And your pictures are so clear & crisp!
    Nice! Hugs,Tee

  3. Lovely fall photos and I can't get enough of Burt and his adventures. The gaze in your son and girlfriends eye's in the pic is one of being so in love, how sweet you captured it.

  4. Side note comment about my dyer lane post, my children want us to go out there Halloween night! I told them hell nooooo.

  5. Hi
    Oh wow
    Lucky you!!
    I wanted to visit Boston to see that amazing statue!!!
    Stephen King and his wife donated $ to have it put there:)
    Would you please email me with your real email address?
    I think you sent it but my phone lost it in one of its folders.
    Thank you.

  6. Oh, Burt, you always make me smile! What a great job you did with the decorations! It's been freezing (and pouring down rain) here lately too, of course you would get chilly. I love velvet pumpkins, but they can't be found i Sweden. Your decor is simply amazing!

  7. Really funny the prop, or is he?? LOL As for the Edgar Allen Poe statue, yes, the raven is a bit cheesy, but they didn't get that "never more" memo!! It seems summer doesn't want to leave anywhere. I have a friend in upper Quebec who said she's still lounging in her shorts, wearing her flip-flops and even cooling down in her pond. Explains why summer hasn't reached us down here in west winter yet in Canada!!

    Have a great weekend and again, enjoyed your Halloween presentation.


  8. The Adventures of Burt has me it fits of Laughter... you are Hilarious... and what a great start to the Morning, Humor! Dawn... The Bohemian