Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Black Cats & Grey Cats - Haunted Humpday III

Last night, while searching around the internet for some Halloween inspiration I happened upon Incipient Wings, a wonderful blog full of fantastic ideas, delicious recipes, spooky tales and the Haunted Humpday Challenge!!!

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I have been collecting decorations for years. The weather here 
has been very cool and rainy for months and it just started to feel like summer so I haven't brought out my hoard yet. Most of these photos are from previous years because I just couldn't wait to join in!

Of course Stewart is always happy to check out any decorations.

It's the Harvest Moon wind chimes! I hear the real one is out there somewhere behind the clouds. 

Spenser, disapproving from the comfort of the dining room table.

It seemed like I had a Black Cat theme going so I decided to run with it.

My pathetic harvest of habaneros seems to have scared the wits out of the Black Cat flashlight.
The cauliflower came from the Farmer's Market and is really orange not yellow.

These are reproductions of vintage designs and I never know quite what to do with them. They might be meant to hang on a banner but the backs are just plain. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Remember Emily the Strange and her kitty posse? This is a new photo since I just came across these insane cards while looking for a stamp, wonder whatever happened with her character and kitties.

Years ago I planned on dressing up as Emily the Strange for Halloween. After happening upon the cards I had to look for the other stuff but only found the Sabbath purse and Nee Chee lip gloss. 

Obviously I'm a big fan of black cats, even though our kitties are both grey. We had a black cat named Zari once, he sat on our porch one Halloween and scared away all the trick or treaters.

Every Haunted House needs a black Mustang parked outside. The giant Candy Corn kitty has a new guitar now, more in keeping with Halloween, though it still plays Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree.     

This Witch by Jim Shore is one of my all-time favorite decorations. It's nearly impossible to see in this photo but she has a black cat with a very evil expression riding on her left arm.  

The Black Cat Diner finishes out this previous tableau. The skeletal pirate on top of the TV is a hold over from International Talk Like A Pirate Day, coming up really soon on September 19th. Aargh!

Thanks for the great blog challenge, see you next week. I can't wait to visit all the participants!


  1. Hi great post!!!
    Your kitties are just precious!
    Love all the decor you have, it's very inspirational.
    Those vintage repos would look great in a banner! Michaels craft store has a banner kit for Halloween, you could maybe add the pictures to it... Or you could frame them and showcase them that way.
    I remember Emily! She always remained me if my daughter haha.
    That purse is adorable btw!!
    Ok, I love Jim shore.. I have a witch figurine of his too and its just gorgeous.

    I'm so happy you played along this week:)

    Happy Haunted Humpday!!!!!!

    1. Thanks for your kind words and the heads up about Michaels. I really like your idea of framing the paper decorations, can't believe it never dawned on me to do that!

  2. Such wonderful Halloween thingies - and beautiful kittehs :)

  3. I love your Halloween village! Makes me want to pull out all of my stuff and get ready to decorate.