Monday, September 22, 2014

Mosquito Hill on the 21st day of September

The trees are beginning to look autumnal and with the more pesky elements of the bug world wiped out or at least slowed down by the temps in the 40's, it's time to head back to Mosquito Hill.

A bit of red from the sumac, always the first to turn.

Others are definitely taking on a golden glow.

There's a little spookiness . . .

and mushroominess . . .

and creepiness, eek!

(Just for clarification this is exactly how Nick and I found this scene on the trail.)

Back to the golden trails . . .

past the prairie. . .

stopping by the Frog Pond. . .

and down to the oxbow lake.

Where the wild rice is looking ripe . . . 

and there's a hint of the fall colors to come.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend!


  1. I can't believe I am the first one to comment on these excellent photos -- I love all the fall impressions. And -- wow about the skull & mushroom photo. That would have been perfect for Haunted Humpday, too.

    May I ask where you live? The region is just beautiful!

    Lots of greetings from Munich, Bavaria, Germany,

  2. Hi Birgit, thanks for visiting! I took these photos at the Mosquito Hill Nature Center. It's about 35 miles north of where I live in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I was really surprised to see that skull sitting in the middle of all those mushrooms! I wonder if it's still around.
    Wow, you're from Munich. Are you celebrating Oktoberfest? I'd love to be there!