Monday, September 15, 2014

a foggy, frosty early morning

I'm not a morning person but I do envy people who are. It was the chance to take photos of fog that got me out of bed last Saturday just as the sun was rising, in spite of the freezing temperatures.

Much to my surprise there was another natural phenomena happening.


Nick and I were at the family farm to check up on things, see my Mom and get together with a few relatives. I was hoping to get some really spooky foggy photos to use in a Halloween post.

Instead it looked like a UFO was landing in the corn field.

"Take us to your canned tuna!"

So is this what it usually looks like at dawn?

Really long shadows.

Mother Nature put on a good albeit brief show last Saturday morning. 
It made up for our five hour drive in the rain on Friday.

All too soon it evaporated and everything went back to late summer, except for the temperature.

A few things still did glow in the early morning light...

some signaling that summer is coming to an end.

Later that day Nick installed a new faucet in the kitchen sink without a major incident or having to call a plumber! So far so good. We did leave a bucket underneath and turned off the water before we left, just to be safe. A huge improvement over the old one that was held together with duct tape. 

It was another fun road trip. I was happy to see my Mom, Uncle Bob and cousins Kathy and Karen. Time flies, I couldn't believe it's already been two months since our last trip.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. The cat photo is hilarious!!!

    I really have to go to bed now, but I will surely come back (I already bookmarked your blog.) By the way, is there any chance for a "Follow By Email" button? That way I would surely not miss another post again. :)

    Good night and alien cat dreams,