Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Road Trip - Washington Island

This is the final episode of our adventures on Washington Island and the Door Peninsula.
It was a fun trip and I hope to return again!

Washington Island is roughly five miles wide and six miles long so it didn't take too long to see the sights, although there were a lot of them. This was the view from our room at the Sunset Inn. It's a lovely place run by very nice people and it felt more like being at camp than in a hotel.  

The Jackson Harbor Maritime Museum looked a whole lot like my grandpa's shed.   

A restored Fisherman's Cottage is also part of the museum. Guess it paid pretty well if this was the wife's sewing machine. I need to find one of these (and I don't even like to sew)!

Lunch at the Le Petit Bistro at The Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm and Shop was considered briefly. Somehow, a burger and fries seemed more appealing than lavender-flavored croissants.  

Another unusual attraction is School House Beach, named after a log school house that overlooked the bay. Can you imagine how hard it much have been for those students to concentrate on their lessons? I'd be staring out of those windows instead and wouldn't have learned a thing, ha! 
It's on the Green Bay side, can't you tell?

The beach is actually made up of these smooth limestone rocks. They are a little hard to walk on but then again there's no sand to work it's way into your bathing suit! It's one of only five beaches like it on the entire planet!

We didn't escape indulging in the favorite island tradition, downing a shot of Angostura Bitters.
More bitters are consumed on Washington Island than anywhere else in the world. I wonder why?

Laura and Gene went first, then HM and I followed - this was definitely one of those "I'll try anything once" moments! It seems that Angostura Bitters were classified as a medicine during Prohibition even though the alcohol content is nearly 45%. The owner took advantage of the loophole in the law and managed to stay open all during Prohibition. That made Nelsen's Hall the longest, continually running tavern in the state and provided a unique indulgence for us gullible tourists.

We had a great time on Washington Island and came very close to meeting all 708 of the friendly locals! For such a small place we had a surprising number of unique experiences -  and we didn't even get to all of them! It wasn't particularly Halloweeny but shots of bitters are pretty scary!

Thanks for joining us on our adventure!

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  1. I've gone for an afternoon but I would love to stay some time. This might sound crazy but I think I want to go in the winter and watch them break the ice.